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Related article: Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 01:42:15 -0600 From: STephen Pederson Subject: Charley's Queen t/t m/mCharley's Queen Written By: Stephen Pederson**Legal Stuff** This story is intended for adult readers. If you are under age, please leave. If you find stories of an adult nature offensive, then please leave.=====Charley's Queen Written By: Stephen PedersonCharley Age: 19 Height 5'9 Weight: 155 Hair: Black Eyes: Green Body: Athletic, EndowmentAttributes: Dancing, Music, Cars, Roller Blading, Skateboarding, Snow Boarding.Kris Age: 18 Height: 6'0 Weight: 150 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Body: SlimAttributes: Drag, Entertaining, Dancing, Hanging Out, Snow Boarding, Midnight walks.----- Charley sat in the bar. He was so fucking board. Sure thee were alot of hot ugys in the bar, but he had othe things on his mind. Charley had a secret fetish, and that was Drag Queens. For some reason he got totally turned on by a guy in a dress. He didn't know how to explain it, he just got hard whenever he saw a guy in drag. A bit about Charley. He just turned 19. He stands about 5'9. Weights in at 155 lbs. His brown hair is cut to shoulder length, and he has beautiful green eyes. HIs body is smooth. He is very athletic. I guess you could say, is the boy is a gym bunny. He spends all his free time at the virgin nymphet bbs gym. Of course his best feature is his endowment. His cock is a shocking 13 inches when hard, and about 3 inches in diameter. Hard to believe but it's true. Charley also had good looks on his side. He could usually get any guy he wanted, or drag queen for that matter. Kris came in the bar, all decked out in his finest drag clothes. He wore his black velvet mini dress. 7 inch stiletto heels. His make-up nymphettes models no nude done in shades of green, and blue, and of course the ever present black crease. He made sure to put on his longest false lashes. The only part of the whole routine, was having to tuck. Drove him nuts having to pull, and tuck. Kris or Krissy, was performing tonight, so it was worth the effort to go to all this trouble. Besdies Kris was a performer, and any chance to get on stage, ya know. He had chosen to a Che number, Dark Lady. Plus Kris was going to do Cher's Half Breed for his second song. A bit about Kris. Kris is 18. He littl models nymphets stands 6'0, russian nymphets nudes or in drag 6'7. He weighs 150 lbs. His hair is brown, and he has kept it long, saving the expense of having to buy wigs. He has stunnig brown eyes. He is slim, but maintains his body, going to the gym twice a week, and smooth. He is fairly well endowed. 10 inches is nothing to complain about. He is quite proud of his looks, and shit. Anyway, Krissy made rounds his of the bar. Socializing with everyone. The usual Drag Queen stuff. Of course Krissy didn't ignore anyone. He had even gone up to Charley's table. He'd seen him in the bar before, and truth be known was intrigued by him. He though he was so hot. Plus hse'd heard stories about the boy. He sat at the table for a bit, and flirted with him. He promised he'd come back and chat more, before gettiing up and moving around the bar again. Charley couldn't believe his luck. Usually he had to approach the queens, but this one had come right up to him and started chatting him up. Charley popped a wood instantly. He knew he wanted this one, and by the end tiny teeny nymphets of the night he would. Krissy made his way back to Charley's table. He sat right next to him. He began running his hand up Charley's leg. Charley spread his legs to give his queen better access. Krissy just kept moving he hand up. He stopped just below his crotch. Charley smiled. He guided he hand up into his crotch. virgin nymphet bbs Krissy forever nymphets links was impressed by the size of his cock, which by now was fully hard. Krissy leaned over and whispered something in Charleys ear. He told him to meet him backstage after the show. He'd take care of his problem properly. Charley watched the show. He was not to invovled in it. He was more interested in getting his hands on Krissy. He did pay attention when He came on. He watch getting more turned on. The show lasted two hours. By the time it was over Charley was sure artistic nymphets photos he had blue balls. He wanted to get Krissy some whee so he could have fun. It did not take long for Krissy to come back after the show. It didn't take long for he to cute nymphets net realize Charley's big problem. He suggested they go back to he apartment, so He could at least get out of the dress, and shoes. Charley agreed. So off they went. CHarley couldn't wait to get he back to he place. Once they got there. Kris was preparing to take off his drag outfit. He managed to get his shoes off and his nylons and panties, before Charley reached up his dress and started feeling his cock. Of course it took only a few nimutes for Kris to become hard. Charley lifted Kris's dress up over his waist, and really began stroking his cock. Kris wanted to turn around, but Charley told him to stay the way he was. From his periferral view, Kris watched as Charley knelt behind him. Kris had a pretty good idea of what Charley had in mind. Kris usually didn't allow guys to rim him, but for some odd reason he wanted Charley to do just that. Kris leaned over to give Charley access to his sweet fuck hole. Charley spread Kris's ass cheek, and began to lick around the pucker. Then he ran his tongue over it. Kris shivered it felt so good. Kris began to moan, as Charley swirled his tongue in and around Kris's fuck hole. Kris leaned over more, balancing himself on the wall. Charley was able to get better access. He also reached around, and started stroking Kris. "Oh god never mind rimming my ass, stick your cock in me." Kris yelled. Charley was only happy to oblige. He stood up, dropped his pants, and placed his 13 inches at Kris's backdoor. He began to push his cock in. Kris let out a yell that would have awaken the dead. I don't think Kris really realized how big Charley was. Charley stopped. "Don't stop just ram it in me." Kris Moaned. Charley quickly rammed his cock into Kris. Kris cried out in pain. It felt like his ass was being ripped open. CHarley just stayed where he was. Soon Kris's ass muscles relaxed. Charley began pulling in and out of Kris. Kris had tears in his eyes but never once said anything. It felt good having a cock in his ass. No matter what size it was. Kris began playing with his own cock. He maoned ever time Charley rammed in him, cause he always hit his prostrate. Kris's ass was finally completely relaxed. Charley began moving in and out of him faster. Pounding his ass harder. Kris matched pace and speed with Charley. "Oh fuck yeah, fuck me hard." Kris yelled. Kris was beyond pleasure. Words could not describe the ecstacy Kris felt at that very moment. Some how during this Kris's dress and fake tits ended up on the floor. Charley had begun to play with Kris's nipples. Tweaking and pulling them. Oh god yeah oh shit." Was all Kris could say. The way CHarley was pounding his ass, Kris knew he would be sore as hell in the morning, but right now he didn't give a flying fuck. He was loving every minute of his ass being slammed by Charley. Charley began kissing and suck on his neck. Kris was not about to stop him. Every thing felt so good. Charley was really giving to his ass now. Kris began pumping his cock harder. He knew he was going to blow his love juice. "Oh god yeah I am gonna shoot." He yelled. virgin nymphet bbs nymphets porno movies Kris pumped his cock harder. Then with a very loud moan he shot his load. It went all over the wall. Charley picked up Kris and moved him to the couch. Without pulling out, he mananged to trun so he could look at Kris while he fucked him. Kris put his legs in the air. Charley kept slamming his child nymphet nude rod into Kris. Both boys were sweating like pigs. Charley leaned in a kissed Kris. Hard and full on the mouth. Kris ran his fingers through Charley's hair. He decided that nude black nymphets this guy was totally hot. He ran his hands over Charley's chest. This boy was smooth. Charley was still slamming his cock in Kris. He had been going for about 20 minutes. Kris loved every minute. He loved the feel of nymphet underwear Charley's cock pushing in and out of him. He had never had a cock that big inside him before. Mind you he usually didn't let guys fuck him. ls nymphets portal He was the one that usually did the fucking. This time he'd wanted to get fucked. Charley was getting very cklose to blowing his own love juices. "Oh fuck I am gonna blow." He said. nymphetts bbs "Give me you seed babe." Kris moaned. Charley pumped Kris's ass a few more times. Then his shot a huge load deep into Kris's ass.. He kept pounding Kris for a few minutes after. Kris could feel Charley's seed in him. He could also feel some of it running out. He felt completely satisfied. Charley lay on top of him, and they began to kiss. Kris's makeup had run every where. It had gotten all over Charley. Kris suggested they get cleaned up. So they went for a shower. Then Kris invited Charley to stay the night. After making out some more. The two boys fell asleep.End.-----A Note From Me.... Well here is something completely different for me. I usually don't write stories involving Drag Queens. Tell me what you think of this story. zAll comments pedo underage nymphet gallery are welcome.Email me:
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